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2 years ago

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I do not know how, but I can attract truckers esp fat, mind you I'm not complaining ! I had a business meeting in the south of Le Mans, on a longer than expected and meant that by the time you return to Calais, it would be easier for a hotel and travel packages in the early morning book of hours spent. I booked a room and all I had was a double which I accepted. on the way back to Calais, which was captured just over 100 miles from Calais and stopped at one of these places not on the side of the road. Time of writing three trucks were sitting, two French and one English. The English had drawn the curtains, and was clearly there for the night. I got out and walked toward the bathrooms, walk to see how dirty they were, quickly designed and urinate here. There were three urinals and I chose the middle, and freeheaven when I got there, I had two boys, the French, as freeheaven it turned out they were in the two trucks arrived, they both smiled and greeted me, the i -thmust be odd for a bathroom, but I played along. If I could not help but notice how big his cock like he dropped out, eyes bulging and the duty laid on me. In freeheaven this time when I went over and put his hand down and told me lean't great no... I like.. in his broken freeheaven English, his friend laughed and started playing with my ass... I was not sure what was going on... But the big cock was hard before saying with pride that I could not stop. Immediately, my mouth to tail heavy, while Claude felt my trousers and pants down and Pierre behind me on my ass rimming me deeply with her tongue. I could feel her urine and I sucked hard (later to taste) heard a groan, was deeper than my ass mount him spit on my hole. I greedily sucked his cock in Claude fingers deep into this hole. When Pierre is still my tongue, Claude removed his cock from my mouth and masturbate himself until he came all over her face, I turned, when Pierre masturbated HIMSIf on freeheaven my face... I was in this French wiith great hair to give me your milk. When I look Englsh truck had appeared a little older, but still the straw with hard cock, turned and gave me a great part of his sperm on my face, before disappearing. I freeheaven thought it would be... Pierre asked me where I went, I said a hotel in Calais... he said, and Claude are also on the way.. We can work with you... I saw smiled and said yes, please.... continue

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